Who we are

Dar Soliman is a house for the design of pieces of beauty, whether perfumes or other pieces of adornment that we will announce in the future Inspired by this idea Attar Suleiman Al-Kindi, inspired by the idea of ​​the role of perfumes and international fashion, which is the same thought, which is based on the principle of creativity and innovation in creating products value added Materially and morally.

Dar Suleiman is behind many Omani and international designers and innovators who are the inspiration for this brand that strives to be a leader in its field locally and globally.

The brand name Dar Sulaiman was not an unprecedented hit but a quotation from dozens of brands bearing the names of its visionary thinkers who set up their first nuclei, companies that are spread regionally and globally.


Aromatic combinations

We choose from these small bottles what you like and therefore take enough time to choose the fragrance that best suits your taste.

Dar Sulaiman is confident and confident in the plan. She follows the lifestyle of her clients with the utmost efforts of her team and her team to produce aromatic extracts and combinations in a modern way and with dazzling beauty and producing the finest and most attractive packaging to re-invent a more vibrant and elegant lifestyle.

Fat Oud

Dar Sulaiman is produced by Dahan Al Oud, one of the finest perfumes in the Arab region

The oud is famous for its distinctive aroma. It is one of the greatest oriental perfumes used for a charming look, a unique scent and a full pulse of beauty. The oud is extracted from the oud tree, the material from which oil and fragrance are extracted.

Decorating gifts

Modern and sophisticated decoration of gifts with the best tools and methods

No matter what type of gift you want to give to a dear person, Dar Sulaiman prepares you gift packaging very well, you can also choose any part of our products and you will see the most beautiful modern combinations of your gift you can only offer to those you love and see his smile and his admiration for its beauty.


We at Dar Sulaiman are interested in the finest details in our goal to achieve leadership and leadership and the presence of excellence to be closer to the need of the public

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction As part of our commitment and promises to them, we are looking to develop and take on all our new concerns, both in terms of sources of raw materials and the distinction of perfumes.
تقديم أجود المنتجات

Provide a standard product

Provide a standard product Offering our products with high quality with a high sense of beauty and pulse of beauty according to the needs of the market, whether it is the types of perfume or oud or gift baskets wonderful.
اقامة شراكات استراتيجية

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships Dar Sulaiman has always strived to establish strategic partnerships to collaborate with leading designers, experts and perfume manufacturers around the world and to produce these vibrant combinations.

Why We

Distinctive combinations

Because Dar Sulaiman offers a wonderful sense of heart to the heart of another spring, Solomon’s combination is concerned with presenting everything that is new and exclusively the product of a very large research that cares about what people love in the most effective results.

Customers Satisfaction

Since we have perfumes which are a very beautiful way to bring people together for love and harmony, the vision of satisfaction in the eyes of our customers is our goal and touch their tastes with charming perfumes, innovative designs and mythical imagination is our destination.

Arab aromatic message

We are committed to ourselves first and to our customers with an authentic Arab heritage that reflects our identity and the values of our society, to convey through our products to the world an aromatic message of love and peace.

Journey of its product creativity

This idea was inspired by Attar Suleiman Al Kindi, who inspired his idea of the role of perfume and international fashion, which carries the same thought and which is based on the principle of creativity and innovation in creating products with added value materially and morally.

Our Moral Goals

Dar Sulaiman is interested in offering a product that aims to love and spread beauty and not just to provide a product for sale and purchase, so here is the best and here you will find the pulse of beauty you are looking for.

Quality and excellence of our products

We always strive for the highest levels of excellence in quality, privacy and competitiveness. Our products have more than 15 years of experience after very careful research. Dar Suleiman is behind many talented Omani and international designers and innovators.

Years of Experience
Customers Satisfaction


Our customers are our mirror, which reflects the way we work, our principles and what we celebrate. We are committed to listening to them and understanding their needs

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Most Common Questions

Do not spray any perfume before leaving the house so that the scent of perfume does not mix together
Putting the perfume on wet tissue paper is an effective way to remove the last fragrance you have perfumed

There are many types of oils that affect mood

Tangerine oil is a source of happiness and vitality
Jasmine oil raises spirits
Lemon and basil oil work to control the mood

It is important to know that oriental perfumes can not be used with any other fragrances at the same time, while the perfumes that are in the composition of citrus are compatible with all other types of perfumes so try on the handkerchief before spraying perfume.

Perfume expresses the personality of the owner, as it is the case of clothing. The smell that emanates from the person is the first evidence to be picked up around him that gives the initial impression of his personality. Choose the fragrance that suits the season and the person’s personality and sensory characteristics